Stinger Hot Sauce – Diemen’s


  • Heat Level: Hot
  • Produced by: Diemen’s – TAS
  • A healthy dose of Habanero with the spicy kick of Tasmania’s own native Diemen Pepper Berry.
  • Gluten Free & NO Preservatives
  • Size: 150ml

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Heat Level: Hot

If you like your hot sauce kicked up a notch, Stinger is for you. Made in Australia with 100% local ingredients, Diemen’s secret heat source was born in Tasmania’s pristine rainforest.

It’s the Diemen pepper berry, which contains polygodial – a hot compound which starts with a unique fruity flavour with hints of Aussie rainforest, slowly releasing a tingling burn similar to Szechuan pepper.

A healthy dose of Habanero (compared to the Original Hot Sauce) compliments the front of tongue sensation with the habanero’s back of throat lingering afterburn.

Ingredients: Red Chilli Puree (Red Cayenne, Red Habanero), Vinegar, Water, Salt, Garlic, Diemen Pepper Berries (0.15%), Herb, Xanthan Gum.

  • Gluten Free & NO Preservatives
  • 150ml bottle.