Here’s a little bit about Aussie Hot Sauces…

Aussie Hot Sauces is the brainchild of Matt Tangent – chilli-head, YouTube hot sauce reviewer, Bristol Grillstock 2015 Chilli Eating Champion, creator of Bang! Bang! Oil and all round nice chap.

The idea came about when Matt was contacted by Cliff Cleary from Chilli Obsession in Melbourne. After hearing about Matt’s Bang! Bang! Oil, Cliff wanted to ship some over to Australia and sell it in his shop and online store. Cliff also told Matt about the fantastic array of quality chilli sauces produced in Australia which weren’t readily available in the UK or Europe.

Chilli-heads are always on the lookout for cracking new sauces to try and it was then that Matt thought about the possibility of shipping some stock from Down Under back up to Blighty. So Aussie Hot Sauces was born and Matt’s vision has become a reality – to showcase the hottest stuff to come out of Australia since Margot Robbie.

We currently stock award-winning products from 13 Angry Scorpions, Byron Bay Chilli Co., Cobra Chilli, Diemen’s, Dingo Sauce Co., Gods of Sauces, Melbourne Hot Sauce, The Chilli EffectThe Chilli FactoryDr Paul, Red Clipper & makers of the World’s Hottest Corn Chips – Chilli Seed Bank. We’re also the original place in the UK where you can buy the most famous hot sauce on the internet – Bunsters Shit the Bed.