New Year, New Stock!

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Happy New Year! Here’s to a bonza 2019!

The first week of January is all done & dusted, the Xmas decos are all packed away and the little darlings are finally back at school. You’re determined to keep off the carbs & booze – at least for a short while – but you still deserve a treat every now & again right?

Diemen’s Hot Sauce


At Aussie Hot Sauces we do like to tempt you with a fine array of Antipodean chilli goodies. Due to the huge demand, a fresh pallet of Bunsters Hot Sauce & Shit The Bed arrived in December (seems an age away now), along with more of Chilli Seed Bank’s World’s Hottest Corn Chips (not many of these bad boys left!)

On this very same pallet we also managed to squeeze in a limited number of exciting products from some new Aussie suppliers. These being:-

Most of these sauces are gluten free and/or vegan friendly so in addition to getting your taste buds fired up & juices flowing they do you good as well!

Get Some Heat From Down Under!

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    Bunsters – GREEN & GOLD

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    Bunsters – SPICY KETCHUP

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    Bunsters – SALAMI SAUCE (Spicy Mustard Sauce)

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