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Wanna see what a chilli eating contest looks like up close? Well here you go.

I was running the Aussie Hot Sauces stall at the 2018 Devon Fire & Spice Festival and heard that Shahina Waseem – The UK Chilli Queen – was competing in the Chilli Eating Contest on the Sunday 19th Aug.

We previously met a couple of weeks beforehand at the Great Dorset Chilli Festival where Shahina won her 36th contest IN A ROW! Shahina is attempting a Guinness World Record of 50 consecutive wins and this one would be number 39.

We both said how great it would be to compete on the same stage and this was our opportunity. The contest is hosted by The Clifton Chilli Club who run them all over the country. Just so you know – there is a “tiny” bit of spew towards the end.

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