Aussie Hot Sauces showcasing at 2018 UK Chilli Festivals

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We’re delighted to announce that Aussie Hot Sauces will be appearing at the following UK Chilli Festivals:

You’ll be able to sample our superb sauces from all over Australia including Bunsters world famous “Shit The Bed” as well as super spicy snacks such as “The World’s Hottest Corn Chips” from Chilli Seed Bank!

The festivals will feature a veritable array of artisan producers selling chilli & non-chilli wares; entertainment in the form of chilli eating competitions & hot-wing challenges; street food, chocolate, live music, beers & ciders too. Basically, there’s something for everyone – a great day out for family members of all ages.

Do pop by & say G’day! 🙂

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