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While I was in Australia at Christmas I went to visit Vaughn from Cobra Chilli as he lives just down the road from my mum where I was staying for part of my trip. Spooky eh?

Me & Vaughn (Left) – Xmas 2017

Cobra Chilli produce a fantastic array of multi award-winning sauces so I had to make sure I shipped a load back to the UK as soon as I could. So if you’re in the UK please check out AussieHotSauces.com/cobra where you’ll be able to find a nice selection. If you’re in Australia you’ll be able to see the whole range from CobraChilli.com

This particular sauce is called “Reaper Magic Sauce” part of Cobra’s “Ultra Hot” range and it is superb! It went particularly well with my “Duck Bacon” sarnie – that’s all I’m gonna say! The Duck Bacon is available from BAMFood.co.uk by the way.

Just so you know, I loved this sauce so much I made quite a lot of lip smacking mouth noises while tasting it. I know some of you hate that kind of thing, so just giving you the heads up. It actually annoys me these days too and I don’t even know I’m doing it!

You Need Reaper Magic In Your Life!

What are you waiting for?

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