Phase 2 begins very shortly…

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Yo! Yo! Yo! Mo fo’s!

Phase 2 ??? What’s that all about? Well, it’s all to do with a rather large pallet of chilli sauce & spicy goodies that have spent the last 8 weeks out at sea merrily making their way from sunny Australia to a not so sunny England. And the good news is that it finally arrived at Aussie Hot Sauces HQ just outside Bristol and the new stock will available online on Monday 30th April at 12 noon UK time.

The pallet not only replenishes stock from The Chilli Factory & Bunsters (Yes – Sh*t The Bed Black Label is back in stock!) but is also contains products from 9 other Aussie chilli producers:-

I met up with a couple of sauce producers while I was in Australia at Xmas.

Me with Mark Saint from The Chilli Effect & Vaughn from Cobra Chilli

And if you can’t wait until Monday there’s still plenty of sauces available right now!


Matt 🙂

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