Bunsters Shit The Bed Chilli Chocolate #OneBlockChallenge

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Shit The Bed Chilli Chocolate

I take on the Bunsters Shit The Bed Chilli Chocolate 12/10 Heat #OneBlockChallenge!

Basically how quickly can I stuff my fat face with a 100g bar of luxurious chocolate made with the finest Belgian Chocolate, Scorpion Chillies, Coconut Oil & Whole Vanilla Bean?

The chocolate smells & tastes amazing and the Scorpion Chillies make it proper hot. Why not grab yourself a bar?

Available in Australia via the Bunsters website; in the USA from the Bunsters Amazon site – and of course ONLY from AussieHotSauces.com the UK & Europe.

Who knows, there may even be a Golden Ticket inside…


Snap one off with a mate!

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  • Bunsters – HOT SAUCE – 7/10 Heat

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  • Bunsters – SHIT THE BED – 12/10 Heat

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