Bunsters “Sh*t The Bed” Hot Sauce now available in the UK

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Renae Bunster

YEEESSSS!!! At last! The internet’s most famous chilli sauce is now available in the UK!

Bunsters Hot Sauce (7/10), Shit The Bed (12/10) & Shit The Bed Black Label (16/10) have previous only been available to UK chilli-heads via the US and Aus, but not anymore. Aussie Hot Sauces is delighted to announce that all 3 of Australia’s finest sauces can be purchased through our online shop. And keeping with Bunsters’ current FREE shipping policy we’re also offering FREE shipping (UK wide) on purchases of 4 bottles or more. So what are you waiting for? Why not team up with some mates from work and buy a couple of bottles each, yeah?

For those of you who’ve been dead, asleep or had no wi-fi for the past 2 years here’s a little bit about Bunsters and the amazing viral sensation that is “Shit The Bed”:-

  • During a massive holiday to Mexico, Belize and Costa Rica, Renae Bunster fell in love with their delicious fresh hot sauces.
  • On returning to her home town of Perth in Western Australia, Renae couldn’t find anything that hit the spot, so decided to make her own using superfood ingredients including Goji Berries & Himalayan Pink Salt.
  • Friends who’d never even liked chilli before were suddenly kicking down her door for the stuff. It very quickly turned in a thriving business, and Renae was sending sauce all over the big brown land of Australia.
  • She soon realised hot sauce lovers were crying out for a sauce like this. For too long they’d endured too salty, too vinegary, too sweet, flavourless and artificial hot sauces. You know the ones, they sit in the back of the fridge hardly eaten, as a constant reminder of your never ending search for the perfect hot sauce.
  • Well guess what, Bunsters is the hot sauce you’ve been waiting for. It will make every meal taste amazing, make your cooking next level, will make a great gift and will give you something funny to talk about whenever friends come over.
  • In late 2015 Bunsters ran the most successful hot sauce crowd-funding campaign in history, raising AUS$250,000 to pay for their sexy new bottle & first large batch of sauce. They then sold out – 18,000 bottles in 3 months – and thanks to the support of loyal backers, (along with nutty YouTubers), Australia’s favourite hot sauce is now shipping all over the world.

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